Zlatan invests in ISBIT GAMES

Zlatan Ibrahimovic acquires 12.5 percent of the gaming studio ISBIT GAMES via a company under his control.

ISBIT GAMES has since its start in 2014 launched several successful games including Batterijakten and First Person Lover, which was acclaimed as "the most fabulous game in the Universe" by PewDiePie. ISBIT GAMES’ most recent game Warp Shift was immediately recognized by both press and users and is featured by Apple in 137 countries.

After the acquisition, ISBIT GAMES is owned to 65.6 % by River, a subsidiary to Intellecta, to 21.9 % by Markus Koos’ family via company and to 12.5 % by Zlatan Ibrahimovic via company.

ISBIT challenges the way people think about games, whether it is about redefining the First Person Shooter genre or creating a puzzle game with rich lore and emphasis on a great storyline. We aim to create amazing games across multiple genres by challenging the expectations of the individuals who play them. The team at ISBIT shares a profound love for games and we are fearlessly exploring new territories. We believe that this approach is visible in everything we do.

Download Warp Shift from Apple App Store or from Google Play Store

About ICTA
Today ICTA comprises of the three companies FFW, River and the associated company ISBIT GAMES. The companies operate within digital technology, data, design and mobile games in primarily North America and Europe. FFW is one of the world leading suppliers of Drupal (Open Source Content Management System) and also a gold partner to Sitecore, River is a digital business-to-consumer agency and ISBIT GAMES is a mobile games developer. ICTA has about 420 employees that operates in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine, USA, Brasil, Vietnam and Australia.



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